This is episode 4 of the Monetize Your Payments podcast and our special guest this week is Kris Riley, Head of Business Development and Platforms at Paystand

Kris was born in Philadelphia and grew up the Washington D.C. area and went to Marquette University in Wisconsin and now resides on the west coast. 

Kris focuses on the indirect sales side of business for Paystand. His team engages with partners like Netsuite as well as software companies that operate in the B2B space.   

Paystand was founded in 2014 and is privately held, venture backed and recently had a series B with DNX Ventures and Battery Ventures. 

Paystand considers themselves a B2B payments network with the focus of being a “Venmo” for B2B payments – making it seamless and intuitive. 

According to Kris the three main advantages on bring payments in house are: 
1. the customer or merchant experience, 
2. the monetization aspect and 
3. the data that is created and how the customer can leverage this data for new and interesting products and services.