This is episode 2 of the Monetize Your Payments podcast and our special guest this week is Angie Ammon the Vice President of Professional Services at Finix

Angie is mid-westerner and grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and went to school at Miami of Ohio and spent many years at Vantiv/Worldpay or what is now FIS helping to build out their payment facilitator model. 

She joined FINIX about a year ago to lead FINIX professional services. Their goal is to help companies define their payments strategy and then execute on it. Education is the core of what the professional services team at FINIX does.  

FINIX is a payments infrastructure company that helps various companies across the ecosystem become payments companies. 

In this episode we talk about what differentiates FINIX in the marketplace as well as some of the keys to success and pain points companies run into when becoming a payments company.