This is episode 3 of the Monetize Your Payments podcast and our special guest this week is Omer Shatzky the Head of Billing and Payments at Wix.  

Omer was born and raised in Israel and currently lives in Tel Aviv. He started in biotechnology and food engineering with the goal of combining his passion for cooking with science but after 5 years in the Israeli army he decided to pursue software development.  

Wix is a world-class platform for do-it-yourself website building that many of your I’m sure have heard of. Wix Payments is a payment service that allows their merchants to manage orders and payments from within the Wix ecosystem without needing third-party payment providers.  

Wix has 180,000,000 users in 190 countries and 3,500 employees worldwide. They have a 360-degree view of their merchants and feel confident they know their customers better than anyone and can provide a merchant experience that no one else can. Payments plays a huge role in that experience. Omer provides some great insights into how and why they brought payments in house.