This is episode 6 of the Monetize Your Payments podcast and Dylan Penebre, the CEO of PointOS is our special guest this week. 

Dylan grew up in a small town north of New York City. He was heavily involved in sports growing up and played football and baseball in college. He began his payments career right after college and soon thereafter started with Cayan which back then was known as Merchant Warehouse. 

Today Dylan is the CEO of PointOS. PointOS is a restaurant management platform designed to help full-service restaurants, bars and grills, nightclubs, cafes, and quick service restaurants operate more efficiently and profitably. Their platform provides POS software, payment processing, reporting, analytics, and deep insights that help their customer’s bottom line. 

The customer experience drove the decision to integrate payments into their software. The stickiness of the account which ultimately drives more revenue was also a major factor. PointOS was stood up as a payfac but really operates like an ISO. They realized for strategic purposes and for the betterment of their customer they could still provide the frictionless onboarding process and get great buy rates without making the investment and having the ongoing expenses of an inhouse underwriting and risk team.