This is episode 9 of the Monetize Your Payments podcast and David Giannetto, the CEO of WorkWave is our special guest this week. 

David grew up in South Jersey, went to Monmouth University, and was an officer in the Army for 4 years.  He’s been the CEO at WorkWave for a year and half and has been around the field services software industry for some time. 

WorkWave has 7,000 customers both large and small but all related to field services. They offer four core services or platforms that help their customers; grow their business, service their existing customers and everything related to how they move money.  

WorkWave is first and foremost a software company and they consider payments as a multiplier. Their customers’ desire for more progressive payments functionality in the WorkWave software as well as WorkWave’s desire to control their customer’s experience and service led to the decision to becoming a payfac a year and half ago.    

David stresses that having the right partners is a major key to success. If becoming a payfac is part of your payments roadmap, you need to listen to this episode.