This is episode 10 of the Monetize Your Payments podcast and Paul Bridgewater the CEO of ResMan is our special guest this.

Paul lives in the Washington DC area. The company is based in Plano Texas. Paul has been in the US for 14 years and is originally from the UK.  He spent many years in payments in both the UK and the U.S.  He’s been the CEO at ResMan since beginning of 2019.  

ResMan is a property management platform for property management companies in the multi-family industry -from marketing services to website services, handling the leasing and application process basically every aspect of running a property management company including of course payments.   

ResMan has built payments into the application and rent payment flows so it is embedded into the software which creates a seamless process and experience for both the renters and the property management company.

According to Paul, “improved end-customer experience, increased revenue, and better customer experience all leads to a better valuation for ResMan as a company.”

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