Payrix – Unleash Your Posibilities

Payrix enables vertical software companies to unlock greater revenue and create a better UX through payments with a single, powerful payment facilitation platform. 

Historically, becoming a payment facilitator meant you had to either take on the expense, responsibility, and risk to bring payments in-house, or you took a gamble on third-party solutions and trusted that they worked. Both are a drain on your time and resources — which no growing software company can afford. Without the right solution, managing the day-to-day of payments takes you away from running your company, while exposing you and your customers to risk.

That’s changed with Payrix. We understand the risks and rewards of being a payment facilitator —  because we actually are one. Our payments technology and software operate as a single, powerful platform, so there’s less room for error and more room for monetization and growth. We take on the heavy lifting, so you can focus on taking your company to the next level. We’ll help you get started quickly — and even grow into a registered payment facilitator if and when you’re ready — so you can monetize payments faster. 

One payment platform. Unlimited possibilities. That’s the power of one.

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