Stax – Building Better Technology to Empower Businesses to Think Smarter, Move Faster, and Make Better Decisions.

Stax is the only all-in-one platform of scalable business tech to manage financials, payments, invoicing, inventory, sales data, customers—whatever it takes to run your business.

Companies Rely on our Software to Adapt and Grow their Business.

Maximize revenue with access to a radically simple payments ecosystem and innovative business management solutions.

By connecting all payment types within the industry’s first all-in-one platform, Stax gives business owners and software companies the tools they need to process payments in any environment. In addition, the Stax API empowers developers to create custom, on-brand payment experiences and tailor solutions to each business and platform’s unique needs.

Unlock better growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving world with Stax.

The People Behind Stax

Stax exists to level the playing field for businesses to achieve greater success. That means bringing fair, transparent, and intuitive payments technology to every business.

For the Stax team, it’s about working hard to create a powerful impact that drives businesses forward. To empower each business and help them hit new milestones, unlock opportunities for growth, and significantly impact the way they do business.

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Ready to make the switch to the industry’s only all-in-one payment platform? Accept every payment type and manage your entire business from a single dashboard. With Stax you can empower your business to move faster, think smarter, and make better decisions.